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Since I just joined the community, I thought I would share this about my recent wedding.

Easter, my husband and I went to a friend's home in Macon, GA as she was going to be the Priestess that married us. I knew she had a small collection of haunted items, and I had been very curious to see them. As soon as I walked into the living room, my eyes went to this beautiful doll in a wedding gown almost hidden in the corner of the room. I was really taken with her. It is almost like she called out to me. I asked Lady Draiga about her and was told that "Celeste" (the doll's name)was a recent purchase. They had only had her a few months. I picked her up and I felt like she should be a part of the wedding. I immediately felt a huge feeling of joy and happiness eminating from her. We left the room for a moment and when we came back into the living room to start the rehearsal, we noticed her smiling at us. She is a porceline doll that has a painted face and her only moveable parts are her head and her arms are jointed. She is not supposed to move on her own. All evening while we were talking, we would notice that she would turn her head to follow the conversation and she even turned her body slightly on the doll stand.

The day of our wedding came and we set everything up outside. My husband and I are Wiccan so we were having a traditional Handfasting ceremony. Near the altar, like a Bridesmaid, was Celeste and she seemed very happy to be there. Our was filmed and during the ceremony, the people that were attending hear her laughing gaily and several times we all saw her move so she would not miss anything and we caught her smiling. We hope to be able to post pictures of her very soon. She looked beautiful, and though it was a bit out of the ordinary, I loved having her as a bridesmaid. =)
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