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Upcoming haunted Michigan book


   My name is Nicole Bray. I am co-author of a upcoming book about haunted locations and legends in and around Lansing, Michigan., through Schiffer Publishing. I am devoting a chapter just to Michigan State University hauntings, but I am in need of other areas and experiences as well. I plan on visiting several locations in the Lansing area, as well as MSU campus at various times this summer.

    The website for this book is: http://www.paranormalmichigan.com

   Please feel free to email me your stories, experiences, or even if you would like to help with research for this book (you would receive credit in the book, of course) please email me at founder@wmghs.com

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is Lansing especially haunted?
Apparently, the MSU campus alone has seven locations that are reputed to be haunted. Not to mention that state's capitol building and the former Bath massacre site.

The publisher also picked the location of Lansing Michigan for the first book. Our next book is called 'Michigan's Haunted Nightlife", showcasing haunted bars, pubs, and restaurants throughout the state.