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2 druids and a shaman walk in to a grave yard

I know it sounds like a start of a bad joke but last night I took a walk in to a graveyard with 2 guys I role play with. We were walking along just having a normal discusion when we started seeing shadows moving all around us. As odd as that may seem we not worried, in fact we felt rather safe truth be told. As we walked to a back part of the graveyard I became aware of a noise. It was like water running. We all 3 looked over at one grave to see that it was in fact trickling water. I have seen a lot of odd things before but never anything like this. As we stood there the strongest feeling of malice crept up over all of us. It wasnt something just one of us saw or felt, all 3 of us saw this, all 3 of this felt this. It was an amazingly creepy moument. Needless to say we felt a strong urge to leave the grave yard as quickly as we could. The malice was so thick I felt an urge to meantly shield us from it. It was the thickest wave of dread and malice I have faced in a long time. I thought I would share this here.
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