O.H. (loveishappiness) wrote in boo_scared_ya,

A real Ghost Story

Ok, here it goes. Wow... I'm still out of breath...well, my fingers are out of breath anyway. I only just got inside from running all the way home. I had gone up to the local church to hunt for a ghost. The church is a million years old or something so I thought it's bound to be haunted.
At night the church is lit with this spot light so there were loads of shadows - v spooky. I was walking around the weathered grave stones trying to to step on any bodies when I started thinking that this church is so old there's probably bodies EVERYWHERE! That made me notice how quiet it was...too quiet. At that moment I heard a noise behind me "W-w-who's there?" I stammered out into the darkness. No answer. I told myself I was being silly, there's nothing there. I turned around to continue when in front of me was a MAN dressed head to toe in BLACK! I froze. I wanted desperately to move but I couldn't. Then I noticed the cross around his neck. Oh God, I thought, it really is a ghost. He had an angry look on his face and with a high pitched voice he said "What are you doing here? Get out!" At the sound of his voice I regained my courage and turned and ran, screaming all the way home.
The weird thing is, he looked just like Rev. Briars...I guess the Reverand must have passed on and doesn't even realise it, doomed to walk the earth.
Poor soul.
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